Sapphire Screen Technology, Serious Threat to Gorilla Glass Technology


Currently competitor has emerged from the screen Gorilla Glass for smartphones and tablets, namely sapphire technology. With so many issues to mention a number of manufacturers began to look at the screen coating sapphire as, in fact, began to grip Corning as the creator of Gorilla Glass . … [Read more...]

No Root Firewall: Prevent Data Theft with this Application

no root firewall

No Root Firewall is one of Android application to prevent data theft. As we know that not a few apps on Android that can secretly take the data users. Well, let it not happen, the following applications are designed to prevent data theft. … [Read more...]

Small Computers, Can Be Hanged on the Ear from Japan


The development of technology now it has led to the ease of wear and bring, where once the equipment is now converted into large portable equipment that is small and easy to carry. It happened also with the computer, where the first large computer, then appeared laptops, netbooks, and tablet PCs … [Read more...]

Samsung GALAXY S5 , A Smartphone For All Moments of Life


Samsung Galaxy S5 just launched in the arena of the World Mobile Congress , Barcelona , on Monday 24/02/2014 . This smartphone is reported to have a number of features that are very useful to use the entire family . Galaxy S5 is supported by the excess that will accompany every moment in your life . … [Read more...]

Tim Cook: Apple against Confused Competitors


Apple again made a breakthrough with the launch of its newest product, the iPad and the iPad Mini Water 5 2 on October 22, 2013 yesterday in San Francisco, USA. Shown in the event Apple CEO, Tim Cook who describes the iPad tablets computer and the latest Mac. He insinuated that Apple's competitors … [Read more...]

Asphalt 8 Airbone Ready to be downloaded on iOS and Android!

Asphalt 8 Airbone

For fans of the racing game Asphalt, is certainly very encouraging news. Because starting tomorrow Thursday 08-22-2013 latest version of this game is Asphalt 8 can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play. So it means you can download and play Asphalt 8 for Android and iOS phone. … [Read more...]

Could BlackBerry Beat Android yet in Canada?


After Google launched its Android operating system some time ago, now became king of the Android smartphone operating system. Moreover, with much support from the vendor and creator of the software, the Android increasingly unstoppable. But in Canada, Android is still not able to defeat the power of … [Read more...]