Could BlackBerry Beat Android yet in Canada?

After Google launched its Android operating system some time ago, now became king of the Android smartphone operating system. Moreover, with much support from the vendor and creator of the software, the Android increasingly unstoppable. But in Canada, Android is still not able to defeat the power of BlackBerry and iOS.

blackberry z10 ofic1 280x300 Could BlackBerry Beat Android yet in Canada?

Look at the statistical data released by StatCounter, in Canada BlackBerry still controls about 30% of the smartphone market share, followed by Android with a value of approximately 22%. While the iOS is still the winner with a score of about 50%.

Having dropped some time ago, the BlackBerry back up the rankings after the launch of the BlackBerry smartphone Z10 and Q10 were welcomed by the Canadian market. BlackBerry users still predicted to rise to rise until the end of 2013 this.

620x400xblackberry stats 620x400.jpg.pagespeed.ic .isMMXnHOIW 300x193 Could BlackBerry Beat Android yet in Canada?

While reported by BlackBerry Review, the growth of BlackBerry users are still growing in the UK with a score of 18% and South Africa BlackBerry still dominates the smartphone market as much as 40%.

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